Understanding Other People's Minds

Understanding other people's actions is at the base of understanding their minds.

In detail: To understand other people's minds, it is important to know their actions, as they emerge from their minds. To know how other people's actions are understood, I will first explain how a decision to perform an action results into its execution.

Executing an Action

Once an action is finalized to be executed by LB, preparations for performing the same are initially made by VP, as actions are guided by it. This is what happens when, e.g., you tell someone, "I am thinking of eating a cake". When the action is to be executed, instructions for the same are sent to the nervous system by LB, which is continuously guided by VP in the process of eating.

Two Stage Process

As you can see above, executing an action is a two stage process. The first stage is about planning the action and the second one is about executing it. I will call them "First Stage of Action" and "Second Stage of Action" respectively.

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