Sensory Processing

What makes it possible for the conscious mind, which is clearly limited to attend to one task at a time, to process and "make sense" of inputs it receives from multiple senses from different areas in the body simultaneously?

Sensory Summation: It is a known fact that in visual processing, different areas in visual cortex of the brain analyze different aspects of vision like shape, color, orientation, movement, etc., in different ways. Some process vertical lines, some process horizontal motion, some process dark areas surrounded by bright areas, etc. The result of all such processing is what we see - the full picture.

Similarly, as per the DOS model, data from all sensory modalities are separately processed to analyze their content by LB in different brain areas in different ways. The resulting data of such content analysis of all senses is summated by LB using its parallel processing capability in what I call "Sensory Summation", which becomes available to VP in aggregate form.

But then, how does VP make sense of a hotchpotch of aggregate sensory data it receives?

Composition Extraction: Sensory data being received in varying capacities from different senses for many years result into LB accumulating detailed information about what they are composed of (more under title LB Information Accumulation). E.g. Let us assume that Anil loves fruit cocktail. As he has been consuming it on a daily basis over a period of several years, he not only can recognize if one of its ingredients is more or less, but which one and to what degree. Putting it differently, based on his accumulated knowledge of individual tastes and their contribution to the overall taste, which he has been receiving on a regular basis for many years, Anil can find out which ingredient is more or less and to what degree.

The same happens with sensory inputs, which a person receives on a continuous basis since foetal stage. I call such extraction "Composition Extraction".

Attention Based Extraction

With the limitation of processing one task at a time, VP cannot process (i.e. extract) summated sensory data received from multiple areas. To overcome such limitation, LB sends summated sensory data only of the area that is being attended to VP, which extracts it.

To speed up the process, before sending to VP, LB links all summated sensory data to the awareness buffer (explained under title Awareness). Doing so enables LB to send data of the area being attended to VP without any delay, which it does by dynamically navigating the spectrum of such data in the look-up table.

The feeling of perceiving all senses simultaneously is due to the effect of what is known as "refrigerator light phenomenon", explained under title Awareness.

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