The mechanism for optimizing interactions using the capability of making free will decisions, which is made possible by IPS (more under title Free Will – in detail), is designed by the evolutionary process to aid survival and reproduction. There are situations where, to aid the same, it's decision making process needs to be triggered or forced to make decisions to execute certain actions. The following explains what they are and how they work.


We eat whenever we feel hungry, but imagine if the phenomenon of hunger did not exist. If so, even with the indication that energy levels are low, would we always eat when required? Without the phenomenon of hunger, it is possible for us to make decisions where we may not eat, maybe because we are busy or don't have food available that matches our taste.

If a person decides not to eat for a long enough time, his efficiency will go down, health will deteriorate and he may eventually die, which will go against survival, one of the goals of DOS. For the same reason, the mechanism of hunger is designed by the evolutionary process, which works as a survival mechanism by ensuring consistent supply of energy, resulting into efficient working of bodily systems.

To ensure body gets the required energy in time, LB uses the mechanism designed for damage in the body, i.e. the discomfort offered by pain mechanism (explained in detail under title Pain Mechanism ), but not in as high degree as pain.

How hunger works:As actions are guided by VP (more under title Executing an Action), LB cannot act on its own in the process of eating. To compel VP to guide it in the process of eating, when energy production goes low, just like the pain mechanism, LB communicates variations of intensity values to VP which are inversely proportional to the degree of energy production, based on which, VP assigns consciousness to them, which it does until the energy production starts again, upon which, the discomfort subsides.

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