Reason for having CB-ROMs

When driving a car, you can predict that pressing the brake pedal will slow down and stop it, or pressing a leaver will turn on the lights, but while interacting with other people, you cannot be as sure of the outcome. The reason is that all humans have the capability of making their own free will decisions, which dictate their actions.

To interact with others beneficially, it is better to have a model of their minds which can predict how they will interact. It is for this reason that CB-ROMs are made, which, as mentioned earlier, is true for one mind or a group of minds working together dynamically (i.e. anything that has free will), or results of the same.

This phenomenon is known as "Theory of Mind", which is about the theory a person builds up, based on his observations, that other people have minds of their own that drive their thoughts and actions, and that they are different than theirs.

In the absence of a scientific theory of mind, the phenomenon is given the name "Theory of Mind". As it is based on a "theory" about other people having minds similar to their own, it should be aptly renamed to "Theory of Other Minds".

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