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Compelling the Free Agent: Even after being alerted and evaluated this way, being a free agent, VP is not constrained on 1) what to attend to and 2) what to process intramurally. Absence of such constraints may result into VP ignoring the damaged area, which can be a threat to survival, one of the goals of DOS.

To compel VP to attend and process the damaged area, the following technique is used by LB:

As intensity values sent from pain receptors are higher than the rest, they pull attention towards the damaged area proportional to the degree of sensation enabled by consciousness (more under title Alerting Mechanism). Based on the same, whenever different intensity values are sent by pain receptors (them being higher than the rest), VP, by default, is alerted by the highest one, which attends to them (which is also true for sensory receptors). In simple words, the alerting mechanism pulls attention towards the damaged area that is producing highest intensity.

LB uses this feature to compel VP to attend and process the damaged area, which is as follows:

As intensity values from pain receptors are passed on to VP by LB, whenever there is damage, LB sends intensity values produced by pain receptors after modifying them in real time by continuously varying them in higher and lower intensities, which average the original. Based on such continuously varying intensities, VP assigns consciousness to the area (which, as mentioned earlier, is unlike touch receptors, where LB, in order to save energy, does not process if same intensity of sensory data is continuously being sent by sensory receptors).

While at it, the mediating LB only changes its modified intensity variations when the intensity values it receives from the pain receptors change above a certain threshold value. Based on the same, when the pain receptors, e.g., send lower intensity values upon healing the damage, LB follows it and sends lower intensity variations. When there is no change in intensity values from pain receptors, it sends variations of last changed intensity values (i.e. that are being sent at that moment) to VP.

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