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In the same way, VP, as a policy, follows what others do successfully without giving much significance to logic. If they work elsewhere given the same conditions, they have to work with it too. This helps in saving VP utilization time (more under title VP Utilization Time), while adding confidence and being socially acceptable. For the same reason, it refrains from having the solution scrutinized by LB. However, it is not forced to follow what others do. As long as what it follows works, it does so. If it does not, it can always resort to intramural communication.

In the way owner of a company is concerned why his manager selected a particular solution, LB is concerned about why VP has selected a particular solution, i.e. what logic is used by VP to select it. As for LB, whether the solution needs to be scrutinized for logic depends on how common the solution is or how trustworthy its source is. As it is result oriented, if it is a common solution or is from a trustworthy source, it does not argue with VP about it.

The same is the reason we do not need to know the logic of, e.g., why we wear clothes, it being a common practice, or why a child follows what his parents tell him to do, as it is from a trustworthy source.

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