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Sequential LB Monologue: Sequential LB Monologue is where LB processes goal oriented sequential computations. E.g. when playing the game of chess, a high number of steps involving logical processing are required. Being a logic processor, LB processes the steps and presents its result to VP.

Either it is VP-LB dialogue, VP Monologue or LB Monologue, I call all such communication "Intramural Communication", which is the birthplace of language.

Is Heart the Seat of Mind?

VP and LB are designed by the evolutionary process to make sense of interactions in order to benefit from them. When they are unable to make decision to reach a particular goal, based on its significance, they get deeper into its subject in order to find a solution. Getting deeper into the subject translates to more communication between VP and LB.

Like other biological processes, VP-LB communication needs energy, which is fuelled by oxygen in the blood, and thus, more communication between VP and LB requires proportionately more blood.

Due to the evolutionary requirement of saving VP utilization time (as explained under title VP Utilization Time), VP tries to find the best solution as early as possible. To do the same, the heart has to beat faster, which is proportional to significance of the goal (it being the reason why heart is used to show significance in the matters of love and romance).

In a time-critical situation, e.g., when a person is in immediate danger of life, the heart beats much faster, as it has to reach the highly significant goal of survival in a limited time. The frequency of heart beating in such a situation is proportional to its significance divided by the available time (which is handled by LB and thus, is not under direct conscious control).

For thousands of years, observing such correlations between beating of heart and mental events has resulted into many having an impression that heart (which is just a pump) is the seat of mind and emotions.

As a large portion of significant topics require utilization of B-ROM proportional to their significance (more under title General Trends in B-ROM Utilization), the metaphor of heart is used as a placeholder term for it.

How deeply ingrained and ubiquitous such usage is can be demonstrated by following examples, where the word heart is used for B-ROM in various ways (followed by what they actually mean):

  • "He helped me from the bottom of his heart", which translates to "His helping me was a result of his VP processing B-ROM and not just to give an impression to others that he is of a helping nature"
  • "He has a strong heart", which translates to "he has a highly developed B-ROM (more under title B-ROM Development), which makes him mentally strong and confident in whatever he does (e.g. he does not give up or get intimidated easily)"
  • "He broke my heart", which translates to "I had confidence (gained from my B-ROM processing) that he will marry me, which didn't happen. Now I've lost that confidence"

Other Usage: Such intuitive is the existence of the phenomena of VP and LB - the fundamental components of DOS - that they are commonly used, mostly metaphorically, as demonstrated by following examples, where the word heart stands for VP and mind (or brain, or head) stands for LB:

"My brain says forget her, but my heart says give it another try".

"I put my heart and mind into everything I do".

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