The philosopher's term "intentionality" is about the fundamental feature of mind to refer to, to be about, to represent, to stand for, different kinds of existent or nonexistent objects, properties and states of affairs. The question posed by philosophers is that, if brain is made up of matter, how is it possible to have intentional states in the brain when no other matter has them?

The following DF analysis explains how:

The core purpose of DOS is to make decisions. Whenever there is intramural communication happening in the brain, it is always to make a decision on a subject, which is realized through VP-LB communication. The subject such communication is about is the "aboutness" of the mental activity, which is cited as intentionality.

While explaining it, philosophers mention that intentionality is not about a person's intentions, the reason for which is that the intending agent, i.e. IPS, is not considered. Putting it differently, philosopher's term intentionality is same as intentions, not of a person's intentions, but of the communication that happens between VP and LB, which is the birthplace of his intentions.

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