Intuitiveness of DF Analysis

Being fundamental to its workings, once the DOS model is grasped, its intuitiveness enables one to understand mind at the functional level without much effort using DF analysis. E.g. DF analysis makes it possible to understand basic nature of phenomena mentioned below, whose workings and taxonomy have always been a mystery, just by using common sense logic.

Thoughts are communication between VP and LB or themselves.

Decisions result out of VP's processing with LB or itself.

Judgments are decisions finalized by VP.

Intentions are VP's finalized decisions.

Attention is about the topic that is being processed by VP.

Attentional Limit is the limit constrained by serial processing in communication involving VP (more under title Attentional Limit - in detail).

Free Will is enabled by VP's flexibility to judge and finalize solutions empowered by its wisdom (more under title Free Will - in detail).

Intentionality (Philosophy) is the intention of VP-LB communication (more under title Intentionality - in detail).

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