"Frankfurt-style" Experiments: For many decades, philosophers have debated about the "Frankfurt-style" thought experiments, where, e.g., a mad neuroscientist installs a control chip inside of a person's brain in order to compel him to vote for a particular candidate in the elections. The control chip is designed activate and hijack his nervous system if he chooses to vote another candidate, compelling him to vote that particular candidate. As it turns out, the person votes for the same candidate out of his own free will, without the need of activating the control chip.

The arguments and counterarguments revolve around the point that even when the person's choice is locked into voting a particular candidate, he/she ends up having the intuition that he/she voted freely. As a matter of fact, it is a flawed thought experiment, which I will explain using the following analogy:

Jay's intention is to go to the airport. He hires a cab and tells the cabbie to take him to the airport. On a traffic signal, a guy forcibly enters the cab and hijacks it to go elsewhere.

In such a case, there is no direct connection between Jay's intention and where he lands up.

In the same way, the intention of intramural communication (i.e. LB-VP communication) and the underlying neural substrate which carries out physical actions are two different things. In such experiments, the control of neural substrate underlying physical actions is taken over by the control chip. It has nothing to do with Jay's intention and his ability of making free will decisions.

All "Frankfurt-style" thought experiments are based on the idea that intentions, which stem from a person's values, preferences, deliberations, etc. are directly responsible for his actions. We decode other people's intentions from their actions because that is the only way we can have some inkling of their intentions and what is going on in their minds (more here).

Addictions:There are many types of addictions that override VP's decisions for technically valid reasons, each of which I will explain in my forthcoming work, but the basic responsibility of VP is its decision of ignoring forewarnings for indulging in activities that lead to such addictions.

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