From Neural Communication to Language Generation

What can be more familiar to you than your own thoughts? If you think your thoughts emerge automatically, think again! A lot of information processing goes behind it.

First, I'll explain how and why language is generated, for which I will use an analogy, as follows:

Factory Analogy: Companies from different countries have their factories in an industrial zone. Owners of all these factories only speak their native language, and thus, cannot communicate with each other.

Communication between them is important as it can help them maintain relations and exchange knowledge, experiences, resources, etc. while also helping to make effective implementation of rules and regulations designed for the overall growth of the industrial zone.

To make such communication possible, each company hires a person from their native country as a manager who learns a code which is developed specifically for the purpose of such communication, which I will call "inter-company communication code".

In the analogy, each company represents a person, the owner is LB, the manager is VP, native language is neural communication, industrial zone is a group of people, inter-company communication code developed for their communication is language, e.g. English, and learning the inter-company communication code is learning the language.

The Nature of Neural Communication: Neurons communicate with each other electrochemically through the means of small bursts of electricity. There is no point analyzing their activity to understand how they work as long as they enable VP and LB to effectively communicate and fulfil their goals, just the way there is no point analyzing pulses generated on a computer circuit board running a particular software, even by the programmer of such software, as long as it offers intended results.

As per the analogy, LB is only capable of neural communication (i.e. intramural communication), whereas VP is capable of neural as well as verbal communications, which I call "extramural communication". Putting it differently, VP is the interpreter between neural and verbal communications.

Note: The neural communication mentioned here is limited to interaction processing in the human brain (more under title Interaction Processing System (IPS).

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