A Step-by-Step Explanation of
How Mind Develops & Works in the Brain

Tremendous amounts of information about the human brain, its structure, its components, how they are connected, what they do, etc. is available to the brain sciences, but not how they work together to form mind.

With billions of neurons and trillions of connections, operations of the brain seem to be of highly complex nature. Dichotomized Operating System Model (DOS Model), the first ever causal approach to understand how mind functions in the brain, reveals what we call mind is not something fuzzy, which cannot be explained or studied by science, but is the outcome of a group of many, but simple mechanisms running in the brain. It is their interactions with each other that result into complex behaviour.

Father & son analogy explains how brain hemispheres work together as a team to help you reach your goals more…

Besides explaining fundamentals like what mind is, how it works, how it develops over time and why we have it, the model explains mechanisms underlying diverse mind related phenomena like thinking, sensations, perception, awareness, attention, decision making, pain, hunger, multitasking, instincts, language generation, heredity, empathizing, attentional limit, handedness, gender differences, etc. in a single framework, time spans of which range from fractions of a second to multiple generations.

The forthcoming book 'Mechanisms of Mind' will additionally explain more...

DOS Model (Dichotomized Operating System Model)

Get Behind the Scenes of Your Daily Life!

Human brain is the most complex phenomenon known to the mankind. However, because of its unique approach to understand how mind functions in the brain, the DOS model has not only resolved many of its mysteries, but has simplified it to the level that can be readily understood by anyone prepared to make the effort. Other than understanding four components  of the model, no prior knowledge of any subject is required to understand it

It is the only available resource that can take you behind the scenes of your daily life to understand what goes on in your mind when you think, make decisions, set goals, etc. and how subconscious and unconscious thoughts and processes influence you, all of which are explained in a step-by-step manner using common sense logic.

Don't take life as it comes
Because remember, being a slave to your mind is as
unintelligent as the horse that starts running on being kicked

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"DOS model is truly the most comprehensive account of human mind. It would provide an opportunity to study and understand mental processing from a different perspective. Let's welcome this new framework of mind."

- Dr. H L Kaila PhD (Psychology)

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