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Free Will and CB-ROMs: The main utility of CB-ROMs is that it enables considering other people's points of view to be hierarchically accumulated in intramural communication, which is necessary because other people have free will. Putting it differently, it lets a person consider a whole lot of conditions that may arise when interacting with an entity that can act and react using free will. This increases the amount of intramural communication about others, resulting into more communication. Such accumulation is not required when the entity does not have free will, e.g. when interacting with objects, as they can only act or react in a limited number of ways, if at all. This is the reason why people with autism who have lack of or underdeveloped CB-ROMs treat other people as if they are objects.

As they are unable to have active considerations of conditions arising out of other people's free willed actions, those with lack of or underdeveloped CB-ROMs also have problems with planning interactions in advance with other people.

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