The processes attributed to mind take advantage of what I call "Interaction Processing System" (IPS), the core mechanism of mind. IPS is a system which runs between VP and LB in the Dichotomized Operating System (DOS), where it's fundamental components VP and LB process and communicate information about interactions within themselves and with each other in standalone, sequential or concurrent manner, and when required, by the means of accumulating and using such data. It is designed to make the most out of complex operations offered by human life (as mentioned under title More Complex System Needed for Humans through judgement based processing, which is one of its main functions.

Basic Premise of IPS

The basic premise of IPS is that, in order to benefit from further interactions, an interactive feedback system like the human brain needs to judge, based on significance of and requirement by it and the availability of past data related to it, whether to finalize solution for the current interaction by processing it using thorough logic (without considering past or future data), or derived by processing it with trends, summaries, etc., of past interactions, and/or data derived by projecting trends, summaries, etc., of past interactions to current and/or future interactions in order to consider future situations, or both, and if required, in cumulative steps, and then judge which one is of them is the best solution to finalize for execution.

Putting it differently, IPS works on the basic premise that, based on a task's requirement (e.g. significance) and availability of data related to it, decision on it can be optimally made by opting for one or more instances of two methods of processing data, one having its own logical conclusion, without any past or future considerations, and the other being concluded after taking into account multiple instances of past data and/or future projections and then judging which one (and of which instance in the case of more than one instance) is best suitable for execution.

To do this, it needs two identities. These two identities are VP, which processes current data with past and/or future data and LB, which processes current data using thorough logic without considering past or future data.

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