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The reason for evolutionary process to program such bias is its optimizing aspect.

The biggest hurdle to optimize interactions of a person can be his lack of confidence in their successful execution, which can be facilitated by his capability of making free will decisions. As interactions are fuzzy (more under title More Complex System Needed for Humans), reluctance resulting out of lack of confidence can result into below average quality in interacting. On the other hand, having confidence has a high probability of improving them.

Superiority bias helps a person to confidently execute interactions, which can optimize them by utilizing his capabilities to the maximum. E.g. there is a possibility of success when a man considering himself not to be up to the mark to marry a girl confidently proposes her. Without the confidence, things could be different. Besides abilities, it can also be about one's physical attributes, personality, power, social connections, affiliations, children, country, clan, taste, etc. Without such inter-generation feature, the progress mankind has made would not have been possible. On the other side, it is also responsible for the ills of the society. Even when many people use it to further their goals by using it in the right way (as mentioned later), its improper use can be avoided or controlled by understanding its logic explained above, which can prevent its snowballing effect that has produced many Hitlers and bin Ladens, it being their single most motivator.

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