Causal Approach
Simple, Reliable and Conclusive

The complexity of human brain is contributed by interactions of many interconnected mechanisms that form what we call mind. Such mechanisms by themselves are simple. It is their interactions with each other that result into complex behaviour.

The current approach to understand how mind and brain work is by debating and forming opinions based on observations and correlations. As opinions are based on perceptions, which can be distorted by many factors, they differ from person to person. Even when the approach is good to understand most phenomena, such distortions compounded by 1) the complexity brought about by interactions of hierarchically connected mechanisms in the brain and 2) incoherency in multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary studies (akin to the story of Blind men and an elephant – see the image) make it cumbersome and difficult to bring them to conclusive outcomes.

As the brain demonstrates goal driven activity, it can be derived that it works in a causal manner (i.e. A causes B, B causes C, A+C causes D, etc.). For the same reason, the best way to understand it is through causation.

Causal Mechanism: Based on how each gear/pulley in this causal mechanism is connected to the previous one, there cannot be two opinions on whether the box will open or close when the handle is turned in the direction shown.

Dichotomized Operating System Model (DOS Model) is the first ever full fledged causal approach to understand the workings of brain and mind. It explains how mind causally emerges out of the seemingly complex brain in a simple, reliable and conclusive manner.

  • The causal structure of the model additionally enables solutions to be extrapolated from its mechanisms for phenomena not otherwise considered or discovered, offering new avenues in research.
  • Disregarding causation makes the complexity of brain activity appear to be proportionate to billions of neurons and trillions of synapses it possesses, as evident in brain studies today


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