Brief Introduction to Intelligence

Sports and Games: Benefiting from interactions is important to reach day-to-day goals as well as overall goals of life, for which, efficient overall functioning of LB and VP (and their communication) is important, as they are the main functional components of DOS, i.e. mind, which executes them.

To promote the same, phenomena of games and sports are designed by the evolutionary process (mental strength being a common component in both), which rewards efficient functioning of LB, VP or both, depending on the game or sport being played.

Intelligence: Even when intelligent people make efficient use of VP and LB processing, the above does not translate to game experts or sportsmen being intelligent, as efficient VP and LB processing is just one aspect required for intelligence. Other aspects are how developed personal B-ROMs are (more under title B-ROM and Personality), how CB-ROMs are built and utilized to deal with other people and how VP and LB dynamically optimize interactions (which they do by retrieving information collected from similar past interactions to realize what they are, based on their context with other entities in the environment, experiment with them, modify them if necessary, taking into account their trends, probability factors, etc. utilize them, detect the results and store the useful ones for future use when similar events occur again, etc.).

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